Report Child Abuse

If you think someone is being hurt or is in danger, call 911 immediately.

You don’t have to have proof or evidence that abuse is happening to make a report. If you suspect, please act. Hotline screeners are trained to help you through the process.

If a child discloses abuse or neglect:

  1. Try to not react emotionally, be patient, and do not ask a lot of questions or press for details. Overreacting may upset or frighten the child or prevent them from sharing their story.
  2. Don’t place blame or make judgments about the child, parent, or situation. Believe the child who reports abuse. It is rare for a child to lie about abuse.
  3. Tell the child you believe them, it’s not their fault, and emphasize that you are glad they told you.

Report abuse and concerning injuries immediately to one of these agencies:

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