Forensic Interviews

Forensic Interviewers use research-based interview guidelines to give the child a developmentally and culturally sensitive, unbiased, opportunity to tell their story in a safe and neutral environment.  Without a CAC, the child may be required to tell the story multiple times to caseworkers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and others, and they may think they are in trouble or maybe asked the wrong questions by a well-meaning adult that may retraumatize the child. Forensic interviews are digitally recorded and observed by the CARES medical provider as well as community partners; such as child protective services workers and law enforcement.

Forensic interviewers receive specialized training on the Oregon Interviewing Guidelines, which includes instruction on many topics including child development, memory, and the disclosure process. Each interview is tailored to the child’s developmental, cognitive, social, and emotional ability. Forensic interviewers endeavor to use open-ended and neutral questions to give the child an opportunity to talk about what happened in their own words.


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Forensic Interviews

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